LearningPlanet Overview

LearningPlanet is an online library of short micro learning training videos. These videos mixed with other resources like workbooks and interactive guides can be used to improve your productivity and confidence through sales, service and leadership skills in 16 different categories of topics.

One minute videos

The one-minute videos are designed to cover off a technique or skill in bite-sized chunks.   Videos are accessed after logging in and can be searched for on key words. A randomized video will be featured each time you login.

Ten-minute videos

The 10 minute videos are accompanied by a workbook in both MS WORD and PDF format that includes questions, an action plan and space for manager / trainer feedback. These videos are between eight and ten minutes in length and are an alternative to a text based learning module.  

Daily Huddles

Daily Huddles are ideal places to run a motivational short training slot. You can share a one minute LearningPlanet video with the team and answer the two reflective questions at the end and discuss how you can use the technique that day.

Team Meetings

Team meetings can be a great place to run a mini-training session. Choose a 10 minute video on a topic you feel is ideal for the whole team to do. Then you can choose how to run the session in a way that suits you. We have provided two options that can work well.

Learning Pathways

As the video courses are either 1 minute or 10 minutes in length, some people may want a longer program. Learning Pathways have been designed to collate similar video courses together to create a longer learning experience of content that creates a simple pathway to develop skills in a particular area.

Embed Videos on your own Platforms

To enable videos to be embedded on your platform, SharePoint or Yammer, we add your domain to the embedded list and provide you with a list of all embed codes, descriptions and workbooks so you can add whatever videos you desire in any order as standalone courses or as part of courses that you desire to make.

Learning Planet

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